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A-Ma Temple

English: A-Ma Temple, Portuguese: Templo de A-Má, Traditional: 媽閣廟, Simplified: 妈阁庙

The A-Ma Temple is a world heritage site in Macau. It was built dedicated to Mazu, the Chinese sea goddess of fishermen and sailors, in 1488 during the Ming Dynasty.

Today, it is the oldest temple in Macau and is one of the most important religious monuments.

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Legend has it that the goddess was actually named Lin Mo and was born in Fujian Province. She was incredibly smart, much more than other children her age, as she could predict good or bad luck. After her death, fishermen believed she helped prevent calamities at sea and usher them into safety.

There are numerous folktales about her, and she has millions of devotees scattered around the globe, though most are in Asia. Today, this temple in Macau is regarded as one of the most important in honour of A-Ma.

The A-Ma Temple has six main areas, each protected by stone lions. Classic Chinese architecture and design are evident throughout the complex. A winding path takes you to the Hongren Hall from the gateway entrance, where you can see a statue of the goddess. Moving forward, you will see the Hall of Avalokitesvara. Other highlights include a Buddhist hall called the Zhengjiao Chanlin and the beautiful inscriptions on the cliff’s stones.

The various pavilions found here were constructed during different times, though the Hall of Benevolence is believed to be the oldest. Meanwhile, the Prayer Hall was established in 1605, though it underwent reconstruction in 1629.

The best time to visit the temple is during Chinese New Year and Mazu’s birthday, which falls on March 23rd during the Lunar Calendar. However, the temple remains open to the public throughout the year.

What is the A-Ma Temple address?
Barra Square,
Largo do Pagode da Barra, Macau, Macau

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