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The House of Dancing Water

English: The House of Dancing Water, Traditional: 水舞間
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The House of Dancing Water is one of Macau’s most mesmerizing cultural performances.

This water-based production was developed in Belgium and, after its premier in 2010, has been showcased in multiple locations all around the world.

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In Macau, patrons can catch the show at the Dancing Water Theatre located at the City of Dreams, certified for use during the performance.

It’s not an ordinary production, requiring 20 divers to work in a 3.7-million-gallon pool in every show. The pool should be at least 9.4 meters deep, and 324 panels need to be moved through 11 lifts. In addition, the show also uses around a hundred methods for flying performers.

On top of that, The House of Dancing Water has 116 moving light fixtures, numerous smoke machines, and various flying objects that come together in sync for the show. Because of all these special requirements, production demands only the very best – and that’s why audiences are nothing less than spellbound after each show.

The original and acrobatic acts are breathtaking, and they hire more than 90 artists, divers, gymnasts, motorcyclists, and actors.

The concepts behind the show have been designed to win hearts all over: set in a magical kingdom, it follows a good versus evil love story between a stranger and a princess. Add to that all the dazzling elements, high-end audio-visual features, and jaw-dropping acts, and it’s no surprise why this theatre production has received several rave reviews and is recognized as one of the most spellbinding shows in the world.

If you are in Macau during a showing, this is highly recommended.

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VIP Reserve: HK$ 1498
A Reserve: HK$ 998
B Reserve: HK$ 798
C Reserve: HK$ 598

Child (12yrs and under)
VIP Reserve: HK$ 1498
A Reserve: HK$ 798
B Reserve: HK$ 638
C Reserve: HK$ 478

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