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Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

English: Winter Solstice, Portuguese: Solstício de Inverno, Traditional: 冬至

The Winter Solstice, known as Dongzhi, is a public holiday in Macau.

It is celebrated each year around December 21, marking the shortest day in the calendar because this is when the earth is tilted furthest away from the sun.

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Like in many other ancient cultures, the Chinese also recognise the significance of this holiday. It signifies the beginning of shorter cold evenings, and many families celebrate by getting together to enjoy a feast.

As most of the working population takes off from work, they participate in traditions to welcome this holiday by eating sweet soup containing glutinous rice or tangyuan.

Tangyuan can sometimes be filled with meat or a sweet paste. As it’s spherical, the tangyuan is a symbol of completeness. There is also a deeper meaning to the Macanese locals for this holiday and the tangyuan; in Chinese culture, the yin and yang represent light, warmth, and energy flowing. During the Winter Solstice, it is believed that positive and warm energy is once again flowing after the cold and dark energies of the winter.

It is one of the most celebrated festivals in Macau, as it’s the only country that treats it as a public holiday. During this time, visitors can check out many local restaurants and resorts that offer tangyuan and other dumplings and traditional delicacies.

Be on the lookout for cultural performances that may happen around tourist landmarks in Macau. More people will fill the street as locals gather with their loved ones to celebrate and consume delicious glutinous balls and other treats.

Experiencing the Winter Solstice in Macau is truly special and unique.

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