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Macao East Asian Games Dome

English: Macao East Asian Games Dome, Portuguese: Nave Desportiva dos Jogos da Ásia Oriental de Macau, Traditional: 澳門東亞運動會體育館

The Macao East Asian Games Dome is the biggest sports venue in Macau.

The massive indoor arena is located in Cotai, and it has hosted numerous major sporting events in the past, such as the 2005 East Asian Games and the Asian Indoor Games.

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The facility features a three-storey complex with a total floor area of 45,000 square meters. Its exterior has an iconic dome shape, with a spacious garden home to hundreds of plants.

Through the years, it has not only become an important sporting venue but also a popular tourist landmark especially for sporting enthusiasts. The magnificent construction and design are worth seeing at least once in town.

The Macao East Asian Games Dome is divided into zones, such as the theatre, arena, and exhibition centre. The sports facilities include an indoor track-and-field setup plus three basketball courts, whose layout and use can be customised based on the needs of sports associations or groups. Pavilion 1 can seat around 7,000 people, while Pavilion 2 can seat 2,000 people.

It also houses the Macau International Convention Centre. Many sports teams from all over Macau conduct their training sessions here. Additionally, the dome occasionally hosts other non-sport activities, including performances, cultural shows, and exhibits. If you want to catch a show or sports event at the dome while in Macau, check the lineup of activities during your visit.

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