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Chinese New Year

English: Chinese New Year, Portuguese: Ano-Novo Chinês, Traditional: 農曆正月, Simplified: 唐人新年

Chinese New Year is the most important festival in the lunar calendar.

Given the size of the Chinese population in Macau, it’s also the best time of the year to visit and participate in many exciting events.

Chinese New Year Macau, 2025 Dates, Parade, Fireworks, Events

The first day of the new year always starts on the new moon, which occurs anytime from January 21st to February 20th. Even though the dates of the festival change each year, one thing doesn’t: the grand scale of the celebrations.

As the biggest event in Macau each year, there is always something exciting to look forward to – in fact, many travellers plan their visit around the New Year festivities.

Choose from many ways to usher in the Chinese New Year. There will always be breathtaking fireworks displays around the city, especially since one of the leading industries of Macau from the 1950s to ’60s was fireworks manufacturing.

The Macau Tower typically has an extravaganza of fireworks, which can be seen from numerous viewpoints nearby, especially along the tower’s base or the Taipa waterfront.

The New Year’s parade at Senado Square each year is not to be missed. It’s the biggest parade in the country, featuring large dancing lions, intricately decorated floats, a long, winding dragon, and so much more. All these make the historic Senado Square come alive, while the contrast of old and new, East meets West, is truly special. From here, the parade travels to Lilau Square, Sai Van Lake Square, A-Ma Temple, and many other UNESCO World Heritage landmarks.

It has also become a tradition to visit the local flower markets during this event because of the custom of decorating homes with flowers or giving them as gifts around this time of year.

Chinese New Year is simply the best time to visit Macau.

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