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Christmas Holidays

English: Christmas Holidays, Portuguese: Feriados do Natal, Traditional: 聖誕節假期, Simplified: 圣诞节假期

The Christmas Holidays are among the best times to visit Macau.

Even if most of the population isn’t Catholic, the entire country comes alive during this holiday, mainly because it was once a colony of Portugal.

Christmas Holidays, Macau 2024 Dates, Lights, Events, Nativity Scenes

Traditional Portuguese Christmas influences are still very evident around the city this time of year. There are vibrant light decorations, Christmas trees of all sizes, and even Nativity scenes to commemorate the birth of Christ.

The festivities usually begin around November and continue through late December, though the biggest celebrations take place on December 24th and 25th, which are public holidays.

The Christmas Holidays are a time for families and loved ones to spend quality time together. Most hotels and restaurants around Macau usually have holiday specials to take advantage of. Festive offers you can find at this time of year are offered by the many five-star resorts and casinos nationwide, including buffets with special European Christmas delights.

Use this as a chance to walk around the historic Senado Square, which also lights up with holiday decorations and beautiful ornaments.

One of the most exciting attractions in Macau during this time of year is the Macao Light Festival, which takes place each December. After all, celebrating the birth of Christ would not be complete without an unforgettable light show. The festival started in 2015, and today it is still the most popular and the biggest light show to date, a favourite of kids and adults alike.

Not to be missed is the House of Dancing Water, which is a spell-binding show that combines world-class choreography, amazing waterworks, and incredible stunts to tell a love story.

With all these and more, there’s so much to look forward to during the Christmas Holidays in Macau.

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