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Macau International Airport

English: Macau International Airport, Portuguese: Aeroporto Internacional de Macau, Traditional: 澳門國際機場, Simplified: 澳门国际机场

The Macau International Airport is the primary international airport that serves the Special Administrative Region of Macau.

It’s also the main transfer point for passengers travelling between Taiwan and mainland China.

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The airport features just one passenger terminal. There are several facilities and services available for travellers on site. The shops include The Shilla Duty-Free Macau, China Duty-Free, 7-Eleven, Pastelaria Yeng Kee, Koi Kei Bakery, Circle K, and the Macao Good Shop.

There are also several dining options, including Blooom Coffee, MX, Starbucks, McDonald’s, San Mou I, and Food2. A smoking lounge can be found on the departure hall’s north and south sides.

The Macau International Airport is designed with numerous amenities for travellers’ convenience. These include the Air Macau Lounge, Plaza Premium Lounge, a currency exchange service, luggage storage, and complimentary wheelchair rental service.

Several transportation options for travellers who have just arrived can take you to various points around Macau from the airport. Many bus lines, including Transmac and TCM, transport passengers to and from the airport. Additionally, there is a limousine service, taxi, and car rental options.

Travelling to mainland China is easy from the airport as well. There are cross-border coach services that transport passengers from the airport to several major cities, including Guangzhou, Xiqiao, Jiangmen, Dali, and Foshan, among others.

The Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal is around a 10-minute drive from the airport, and there are shuttle bus services that take passengers from the airport to the ferry. From the terminal, you can travel to Hong Kong and mainland China via Cotai Jet and TurboJet.

The Macau International Airport is located at Taipa island.

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