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Light Up Macao

English: Light Up Macao, Portuguese: Iluminar Macau, Traditional: 幻彩耀濠江, Simplified: 幻彩耀濠江

The Macao Light Festival showcases an incredible display of light installations and other treats for the senses.

First launched in 2015, this has become one of Macau’s premier annual winter festivals.

Light Up Macao, 2024/2025 Dates, Times, Installations, Projections, Games

There’s no better way to see the heritage sites around the country than at night during the event. Thousands of brilliant, dazzling lights illuminate numerous famous landmarks around the city. Aside from the light display, there are also lots of planned activities to look forward to, such as interactive games, projection mapping, outdoor movies, concerts, and many more.

The Macao Light Festival takes place every December to February, so there’s lots of time to catch what’s in store. Skilled light artists from all over make it possible to appreciate local history and culture through a new lens thanks to the fantastic light displays.

Visitors can check out the light exhibits from 7pm onwards at many destinations around Macau, including Taipa, NAPE, Central District, North District, Praia do Manduco District, Coloane, and the Nam Van District. Don’t miss out on the fantastic night markets where you can sample authentic Macanese fare and European delicacies that keep you warm even during the cooler temperatures.

Some of the landmarks and notable streets that will be lit up during the festival include Largo dos Bombeiros, Largo do Pagode, Chapel of St. Francis Xavier, Calcada do Amparo, Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre, Anim’Arte Nam Van, Nam Van Promenade, Leisure Area of Kun Iam Statue Waterfront, and many more.

It’s a truly bedazzling opportunity to enjoy the winter here: cool temperatures, the festive holiday spirit, and an experience you won’t forget. The Macao Light Festival is a unique winter treat everyone should experience at least once.

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What time is the Light Up Macao?
7pm - 10pm

Each projection mapping show lasts for 8 minutes and will be held every 30 minutes, with the last show starting at 9:50pm

Please visit our website for more information on the Light Up Macao.
Where is the Light Up Macao located?
What is the Light Up Macao address?
Around the Macao Peninsula, Taipa, and Cotai, Macau, Macau

Please visit our website for more information on the Light Up Macao.
What are the Light Up Macao entry prices?
What is the Light Up Macao phone number?

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