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Hong Kong Disneyland

English: Hong Kong Disneyland, Traditional: 香港迪士尼樂園, Simplified: 香港迪士尼乐园
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Hong Kong Disneyland is the number 1 family destination in the country, with this state-of-the-art theme park located on Penny’s Bay, Lantau Island.

The entire theme park occupies an area of 49.9 hectares and caters to over 7 million visitors each year. However, they are engaging in regular expansion projects to accommodate as many as 10 million people each year.

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It opened to the public in January 2003 and has since been a favourite of both children and adults with all the magical and thrilling attractions that await you here. Throughout the day, Disney characters roam around the park to meet and greet guests, perform dances and shows, and so much more.

Hong Kong Disneyland is divided into several zones, each of which has its own unique rides. These are Adventureland, Fantasyland, Grizzly Gulch, Main Street USA, Mystic Point, Tomorrowland, and Toy Story Land.

Most of the attractions and rides can be visited within a day, which is why the theme park’s one-day pass has been extremely popular. However, staying at the on-site hotel is recommended for families that want to return and make the most out of all the rides while taking their time. The resort is designed in an elegant Victorian style with Disney influences and offers guests an upscale hotel experience.

Another accommodation option is the Disney Explorer’s Lodge, which makes you feel like you’re on an exotic excursion surrounded by nature. The rooms have been designed to mimic the elegant properties in Africa, Asia, and South America, truly making you feel like you’re on an exploration adventure.

No matter how long you decide to stay in this wonderland, you will surely have an unforgettable time because Disney thinks of even the smallest details!

Hong Kong Disneyland is a top family theme park in the region, and for good reason!

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What is the Hong Kong Disneyland address?
What are the Hong Kong Disneyland opening hours?
Park Hours: 10:30am - 8:30pm

Stage Shows
Festival of The Lion King: 2:30pm, 5pm, 6:30pm
Mickey and the Wondrous Book: 12:30pm, 1:45pm, 4:30pm, 5:45pm, 7pm
Moana: A Homecoming Celebration: 12:30pm, 1:50pm, 4pm, 5:30pm
Playhouse in the Woods: 11:30am - 7pm

Mickey & Friends Street Celebration: 1pm, 4:45pm

Nighttime Entertainment
“Momentous” Nighttime Spectacular: 8:30pm

All schedule information are provided for your reference only and may subject to change without notice

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What are the Hong Kong Disneyland entry prices?
1-Day Ticket (Regular Day)
General Admission (Ages 12 - 64): HK$639
Child (Ages 3 - 11): HK$475
Senior (Ages 65+): HK$100

1-Day Ticket (Peak Day)
General Admission (Ages 12 - 64): HK$699
Child (Ages 3 - 11): HK$524
Senior (Ages 65+): HK$100

1-Day Ticket (Peak Plus Day)
General Admission (Ages 12 - 64): HK$759
Child (Ages 3 - 11): HK$569
Senior (Ages 65+): HK$100

2-Day Ticket
1-Day Ticket (Regular Day)
General Admission (Ages 12 - 64): HK$904
Child (Ages 3 - 11): HK$679
Senior (Ages 65+): HK$170

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What is the Hong Kong Disneyland phone number?

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