Ruins of St Pauls

The Ruins of St. Paul’s are the most popular tourist landmarks in Macau, renowned for their long and rich history. It has been around for many...

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1 Hong Kong Disneyland 005

Hong Kong Disneyland

(English: Hong Kong Disneyland, Traditional: 香港迪士尼樂園, Simplified: 香港迪士尼乐园)
Lantau Island, Hong Kong
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Hong Kong Disneyland is the number 1 family destination in the country, with this state-of-the-art theme park located on Penny’s Bay, Lantau Island. The entire theme park occupies an area of 49.9 hectares and caters to...

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1 Ocean Park 016

Ocean Park Hong Kong

(English: Ocean Park Hong Kong, Traditional: 香港海洋公園, Simplified: 香港海洋公园)
Aberdeen, Hong Kong
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Ocean Park is one of Hong Kong’s most famous theme parks. It’s also the longest-running family attraction in town, opening in 1977. This is where visitors can see an amusement park, oceanarium, and marine mammal park...

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1 Studio City 014

Studio City

(English: Studio City, Portuguese: Cidade do Estúdio, Traditional: 新濠影滙, Simplified: 新濠影汇)
Cotai, Macau

Studio City is one of the biggest integrated resorts in Macau. Boasting a world-class array of entertainment, dining, luxury brand shopping, casinos, and more, this iconic resort will surely create memorable experiences...

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1 Galaxy Macau 047

Galaxy Macau

(English: Galaxy Macau, Traditional: 澳門銀河綜合渡假城, Simplified: 澳门银河综合渡假城)
Coatai, Macau

The Galaxy Macau is an iconic luxury entertainment and resort complex. It was designed to provide guests with everything they need within one area, from five-star accommodations to gaming, shopping, and lifestyle...

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1 Gondola Rides 032 1

Gondola Rides

(English: Gondola Rides, Traditional: 貢多拉之旅, Simplified: 贡多拉之旅)
Cotai, Macau
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The Gondola Rides are a major attraction in Macau, which you can experience by visiting the legendary Venetian Macao Hotel. Inspired by the authentic transport in the canals of Venice, this is one of the many things you...

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1 Macau Eiffel Tower 032

Macau Eiffel Tower

(English: Macau Eiffel Tower, Traditional: 澳門巴黎鐵塔, Simplified: 澳门巴黎铁塔)
Cotai, Macau
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The Macau Eiffel Tower is a landmark attraction at The Parisian Macao, one of the premier casino resorts in town. This half-scale model stands 525 feet high. Macau Eiffel Tower, Entrance Fee, Height, Price, Hours...

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1 A Ma Temple 002

A-Ma Temple

(English: A-Ma Temple, Portuguese: Templo de A-Má, Traditional: 媽閣廟, Simplified: 妈阁庙)
Macau, Macau

The A-Ma Temple is a world heritage site in Macau. It was built dedicated to Mazu, the Chinese sea goddess of fishermen and sailors, in 1488 during the Ming Dynasty. Today, it is the oldest temple in Macau and is one of...

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The Parisian Macao 157

The Parisian Macao

(English: The Parisian Macao, Traditional: 澳門巴黎人, Simplified: 澳门巴黎人)
Cotai, Macau

The Parisian Macao is a large luxury hotel and casino complex on the world-famous Cotai Strip. Home to numerous replicas of Parisian landmarks, this unique property brings you all the best Paris offers. The Parisian...

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Wynn Palace

Wynn Palace

(English: Wynn Palace, Portuguese: Palácio Wynn, Traditional: 永利皇宮, Simplified: 永利皇宮)
Cotai, Macau

Wynn Palace is a luxurious, glamorous hotel located in the Cotai Strip. This hotel is highly recommended for guests who want a lavish gaming and accommodation experience. Wynn Palace, Hotel, Casino, Rooms, Suites, Spa...

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Victoria Peak 014

Victoria Peak

(English: Victoria Peak, Traditional: 太平山)
The Peak, Hong Kong
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Victoria Peak is one of Hong Kong’s most iconic attractions. Situated 1,811 feet high on the tallest hill on the entire island, this major tourist destination offers breathtaking views of Lamma Island, Victoria Harbour...

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Macau Travel Hub - Attractions, Tourist, Travel Area Guide, Map

Macau is a stunning multicultural destination where the combined influence of Portuguese and Chinese culture is still alive. It’s home to a unique heritage you can see in its cobbled streets, try its delicious cuisine, and feel inspired by the numerous historical and architectural structures.

A visit to what’s also known as the Las Vegas of Asia wouldn’t be complete without admiring the Ruins of St. Paul’s, the country's most iconic attraction. It was built from 1602 through 1640, originally to serve as a Portuguese church called the Mater Dei. Though a fire burnt down the structure in 1835, today, it still has a stunning facade, the famous 68 steps, and a rich history to discover. Afterwards, check out Senado Square, located in the heart of the Macau Peninsula. Aside from being another historical gem, it’s surrounded by numerous traditional Chinese eateries and charming shops worth discovering.

You will also find the Fortaleza de Monte or Mount Fortress. This was once the country’s military centre established by Jesuits, spanning an area of 8,000 square meters. History and military buffs will be thrilled at the chance to see the 32 cannons up close around the fort and take a peek at the watchtowers. The A-Ma Temple should not be missed; it’s one of Macau’s most famous and oldest Taoist temples. It was erected in honour of Matsu, the goddess of fishermen. The temple features numerous traditional Taoist elements and is a truly serene place.

Other notable attractions include the Guia Fortress, Macau Tower, The Venetian Hotel, The Parisian, the Taipa Houses Museum, and the Macao Science Center. With all these exciting sights and activities, you can be sure a holiday here will never fail to impress.

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