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Macao Weather

Macau Weather

Understanding Macau’s weather is critical to planning a successful trip.

It has a subtropical climate, characterised by mild winters and summers that are extremely hot and muggy, with a chance of rain.

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The warmest days in Macau are usually from mid-May to early October. However, July is the hottest month of the year, so if you visit during this month, plan your itinerary and attire appropriately.

The temperatures from June through August are an average of 27C during the day, which drops slightly at night. Also, remember that the rainiest months are from May through September. The middle of July through September is prone to rains and typhoons.

When planning your trip according to the weather, remember that the best time to travel is from October through February, the coolest and least rainy months, making walking around and exploring the many attractions pleasurable.

Around January, it’s not uncommon for temperatures to drop to around 10C as the cold air travels to Macau from Siberia. If you travel to Macau around this time, pack thick sweaters and clothing to keep you warm.

Springtime, during March and April, is a lovely time to travel around Macau. During the summer, there are many opportunities to explore nature and mountainous parks in the countryside. You can also enjoy the swimming pools offered in public parks, sports facilities, and hotels – usually closed for the rest of the year.

Many flights and ferry services are cancelled during the typhoon season, so plan your trip accordingly.

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