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Tian Tan Buddha

English: Tian Tan Buddha, Traditional: 天壇大佛, Simplified: 天坛大佛
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The Tian Tan Buddha is one of Hong Kong’s most iconic attractions.

Also known as the Big Buddha, the Po Lin Monastery situates this site and has long been considered a symbol of Hong Kong’s stability, China’s prosperity, and peace on earth.

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The Buddha is a majestic sight made of bronze and sits on top of Mount Muk Yue. The statue’s seating arrangement faces north to Beijing, China’s capital city.

Boasting 34 meters in height, it has a commanding presence that can be seen from afar. It required 250 tonnes of bronze to build over 12 years. The inspiration for this statue was taken from Siddhartha, who famously achieved enlightenment from sitting underneath the Bodhi tree.

The Tian Tan Buddha also has his right hand showing the fearlessness mudra, a symbol of compassion with the hopes of saving all beings from suffering. Meanwhile, his left hand does the mudra of fulfilling wishes, resting above his lap to grant happiness to all. Additionally, the statue’s design was based on the 32 physical marks of Buddha, known as the laksanas.

Getting to the statue requires climbing 268 steps up, so it’s best to come prepared with the right shoes, clothing, and hydration. The staircase is wide and there are several landings where you can rest and catch your breath before continuing.

There are incredible views up here, so the scenic hike will be worth it. For visitors who prefer to relax on the way up, there is the option of taking a bus.

There is another attraction you will see on the way up, known as the offerings of the 6 Devas; smaller bronze statues showcase the requirements to reach nirvana: charity, patience, morality, wisdom, meditation, and zeal.

The Tian Tan Buddha is a famous landmark that all visitors should see at least once.

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What is the Tian Tan Buddha address?
Po Lin Monastery,
Ngong Ping Road, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

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What are the Tian Tan Buddha opening hours?
Tian Tan Big Buddha
Mon - Sun (including public holidays): 10am - 5:30pm

Po Lin Monastery
Mon - Sun (including public holidays): 9am - 6pm

Vegetarian Kitchen
Mon - Sun (including public holidays): 11:30am - 4:30pm

Please visit our website for more information on the Tian Tan Buddha.
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What is the Tian Tan Buddha phone number?

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