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Border Gate

English: Border Gate, Portuguese: Portas Do Cerco, Traditional: 關閘, Simplified: 关闸

The Border Gate, also known as the Portas Do Cerco, is a landmark that separates Macau from the rest of mainland China.

It was built in 1870 by the Portuguese as a replacement for the old wall in ruins, originally built by the Chinese in 1573 under the rule of the Ming dynasty.

Macau Border Gate, Portas do Cerco, Entry, Crossing, Bus Terminal

Portugal’s establishment of the European-style border was also a symbol of its triumph over China two decades prior. There is also another reason why the border gate is historically significant: on August 19, 1840, the Battle of the Barrier occurred between Chinese and British forces. Portugal, under the leadership of Colonel Mesquita, won the battle.

Another historic event occurred here on August 25, 1849, known as the Passaleão incident. It was another battle between China and Portugal, though Portugal again claimed victory.

Today, the Border Gate is a reminder of Macau’s colonial days and history. Passengers travelling from mainland China to Macau can have a glimpse of the structure, though one can also make a day trip out of it from the city centre. The gate features neo-classical architecture and a single arch. This is one of the territory’s more remote and isolated landmarks, though history buffs may appreciate a quick trip here.

Other attractions near the gate include the Sun Yat Sen Park, the biggest park in the country at over 70,000 square meters in size. There is a statue paying tribute to Dr Sun Yat Sen, a renowned Chinese physician, statesman, and philosopher who also served as the Republic of China’s first provisional president and the inaugural leader of the Nationalist Party of China.

The Border Gate is located at the Istmo de Ferreira do Amaral.

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The Border Gate and the Gongbei Checkpoint in Zhuhai open daily from 6am to 1am

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