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Macau Buffets

Macau buffets attract foodies and gourmands from all over the world and for a good reason. These sumptuous spreads cover all kinds of delightful cuisines and are terrific value.

Visiting one or more of these restaurants will ensure that you get your fill of delicious food – and as much of it as you want.

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The Urban Kitchen is an all-day buffet dining outlet at the Galaxy. Step into a world of culinary pleasures as you explore the six food zones, each carefully designed by professional chefs. These include authentic local food, a seafood bar, Cantonese Food, Portugal and Tuscany, Sichuan and Beijing, Japan and Korea, plus desserts and ice cream.

The Bambu Restaurant within the Venetian is another terrific buffet dining destination offering a huge array of food, including fresh seafood, traditional Chinese cuisine, local Macanese dishes, exotic Indian foods, and so much more.

When eating your way through Macau buffets, be sure to include Le Buffet at the Parisian. However, this is unlike any other culinary experience you may have had: it’s a theatrical dining experience where you can watch talented chefs show off their prowess through a spectacle of flavours, sights, and sounds.

It doesn’t get better than the 360 Cafe at the Macau Tower for spectacular dining with a view. Treat yourself to an amazing smorgasbord of food atop the highest point in the country, and since the restaurant rotates every hour and a half, the city lights come alive.

There’s more: Indulge at the 888 Buffet at the Sands Macao, boasting a vast array of international foods to choose from. These include continental European, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, and fresh seafood.

Other excellent options include mezza9, Grand Orbit, Festiva, and Cafe Esplanada.

Macau buffets are a foodie’s dream come true, so don’t miss out on any of these.

1 Spotlight 004


(English: Spotlight, Traditional: 星滙餐廳, Simplified: 星汇餐厅)
Cotai, Macau
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Spotlight is an exquisite buffet dining experience at Studio City in Cotai. Aptly named because of the elegant cinema-themed restaurant, you’ll feel like a Hollywood star with the vast array of food available...

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The Grand Buffet 1

The Grand Buffet

(English: The Grand Buffet, Traditional: 自助山, Simplified: 自助山)
Cotai, Masau
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The Grand Buffet is a decadent buffet dining experience offered at the Grand Lisboa Palace in Cotai. Inspired by the vibrant and colourful Asian street markets, this restaurant boasts over 600 international dishes...

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1 Le Buffet 004 1

Le Buffet

(English: Le Buffet, Traditional: 巴黎人自助餐, Simplified: 巴黎人自助餐)
Cotai, Macau
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Le Buffet is more than just your average buffet. This award-winning restaurant at The Parisian Macao offers a theatrical dining experience, where the chefs are given the chance to show off their culinary prowess to the...

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Macau Tower 360 Cafe 1

Macau Tower 360 Cafe

(English: Macau Tower 360 Cafe, Traditional: 澳門旅遊塔360°旋轉餐廳, Simplified: 360°旋轉餐廳)
Macau, Macau
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The Macau Tower 360 Cafe offers an extraordinary buffet dining experience with panoramic views from the highest revolving restaurant in town. Exquisite creations are made fresh daily, which you can enjoy while the...

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1 Feast 001


(English: Feast, Traditional: 盛宴, Simplified: 盛宴)
Cotai, Macau
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Feast offers a one-of-a-kind gastronomic experience at the Londoner Macao. Boasting an interactive market-style setting, this all-day restaurant is fun and lively – perfect for the whole family. Feast Buffet...

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1 Mistral Restaurant 002

Mistral Restaurant

(English: Mistral Restaurant, Traditional: 海风餐厅, Simplified: 海風餐廳)
Macau, Macau
Buy Your Mistral Restaurant Entry Tickets Online & Save

Mistral Restaurant at the Sofitel Macau offers a luxurious all-day buffet experience in an elegant restaurant decorated with warm features reminiscent of rural Provence. The ceiling has intricate carvings and floral...

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1 Soho 012


(English: Soho, Traditional: 蘇濠)
Cotai, Macau

SOHO is an exceptional dining destination at the City of Dreams in Macau. Home to over a dozen restaurants and bars, this hip space has something for all cravings. SOHO, Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Fast Food, City of...

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Monsoon 1


(English: Monsoon, Traditional: 季風, Simplified: 季风)
Taipa, Macau
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Monsoon is a favourite of Macau visitors and locals alike for the best in traditional home-style cooking. Master Chef Zhou Ke Sheng and his culinary team have prepared an extensive menu. Monsoon, Buffet, Restaurant, Hot...

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Terrace Restaurant 5

Terrace Restaurant

(English: Terrace Restaurant, Traditional: 和庭餐廳, Simplified: 和庭餐厅)
Cotai, Macau
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Terrace Restaurant is a fantastic all-day buffet dining outlet where the food is just as incredible as the interiors. Come and spend a few hours as you savour all the impeccable dishes that their chefs have thoughtfully...

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Urban Kitchen 1

Urban Kitchen

(English: Urban Kitchen, Traditional: 名廚都匯, Simplified: 名厨都汇)
Cotai, Macau
Buy Your Urban Kitchen Entry Tickets Online & Save

Urban Kitchen is a vibrant buffet restaurant at the JW Marriott in Cotai. Famous for its lively atmosphere, this is a fantastic place to savour an amazing selection of food from all over the globe. Urban Kitchen...

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Nagomi 9


(English: Nagomi, Traditional: 奈和美, Simplified: 奈和美)
Cotai, Macau
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Nagomi is a fantastic fine-dining Japanese restaurant situated in Hotel Okura in Macau. They offer an array of Japanese buffet and ala carte selections that will satisfy your cravings. Nagomi, Restaurant, Afternoon Tea...

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Brasserie De Paris 5

Brasserie de Paris

(English: Brasserie De Paris, Traditional: 巴黎餐廳, Simplified: 巴黎餐厅)
Macau, Macau
Buy Your Brasserie de Paris Entry Tickets Online & Save

Brasserie de Paris is a luxurious Parisian-style buffet restaurant in Macau. Experience dining in an award-winning culinary destination where all your gastronomic dreams come true. Brasserie de Paris Buffet, Price...

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Royal Kitchen 1

Royal Kitchen

(English: Royal Kitchen, Traditional: 御廚, Simplified: 御厨)
Macau, Macau
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Royal Kitchen offers no shortage of incredible dining options to whet your appetite! The Executive Semi Lunch Buffet is served from Monday to Friday lunchtime, with various Eastern and Western dishes involving a free...

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Mezza9 Macau 7

Mezza9 Macau

(English: Mezza9 Macau)
Cotai, Macau

Mezza9 Macau is a luxurious buffet dining experience at the Grand Hyatt in the City of Dreams. Following the legacy of its namesake award-winning restaurant in Singapore, this is a feast for all the senses. Mezza9...

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Broadway Food Street 12

Broadway Food Street

(English: Broadway Food Street, Traditional: 百老匯美食街, Simplified: 百老汇美食街)
Cotai, Macau

Broadway Food Street is one of Macau’s best dining experiences. Located a few steps away from the famous Galaxy Macau, this alley boasts more than 40 restaurants that offer a wide array of authentic Macanese...

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888 Buffet

888 Buffet

(English: 888 Buffet, Traditional: 888自助餐, Simplified: 888自助餐)
Macau, Macau
Buy Your 888 Buffet Entry Tickets Online & Save

888 Buffet offers a dazzling array of international food. Eat as much as you can at the Sands Macao’s ultimate buffet experience, boasting only the best food from Europe and traditional Macanese and Asian...

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Belcancao 3


(English: Belcancao, Portuguese: Belcanção, Traditional: 鳴詩, Simplified: 鸣诗)
Cotai, Macau
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Belcancao is an incredible buffet experience offered by the Four Seasons Hotel Macao. The menu is overflowing with sumptuous favourites worldwide, including Western and Asian specialties made in-house by their renowned...

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Cafe Azure 6

Cafe Azure

(English: Cafe Azure, Traditional: 藍灣全日餐廳, Simplified: 藍灣全日餐廳)
Macau, Macau
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Cafe Azure, the all-day dining restaurant at the Crowne Plaza Macau, serves up stunning 180-degree sea views and an extensive buffet featuring both Asian and international fare. Offering something for everyone, guests...

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Cafe Bela Vista 1

Cafe Bela Vista

(English: Cafe Bela Vista, Traditional: 薈景閣咖啡室)
Macau, Macau
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Cafe Bela Vista, with its sunlit archways, mosaic floors, whirling ceiling fans, and white wicker chairs, is a beautiful tribute to one of Macau’s most iconic landmarks – the “Bela Vista”...

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Praha Restaurant 5

Praha Restaurant

(English: Praha Restaurant, Portuguese: Praha Restaurante, Traditional: 珀克餐廳, Simplified: 珀克餐厅)
Macau, Macau
Buy Your Praha Restaurant Entry Tickets Online & Save

Praha Restaurant’s elegant design offers an authentic Eastern European atmosphere. Enjoy an extensive buffet for breakfast, lunch or dinner, offering you an array of Asian dishes and international culinary...

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Tromba Rija 5

Tromba Rija

(English: Tromba Rija, Traditional: 皇家葡萄餚, Simplified: 皇家葡萄肴)
Macau, Macau
Buy Your Tromba Rija Entry Tickets Online & Save

Tromba Rija is one of Macau’s best buffet restaurants, specialising in Portuguese dishes. Located in the Macau Tower, this unique restaurant has a rich history. Tromba Rija, Restaurant, Portuguese Buffet, Price...

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The Lounge At Jw Marriott 2

The Lounge at JW Marriott

(English: The Lounge at JW Marriott, Traditional: JW萬豪酒店大堂酒廊, Simplified: 大堂酒廊)
Cotai, Macau
Buy Your The Lounge at JW Marriott Entry Tickets Online & Save

The Lounge at JW Marriott is the perfect destination to wind down in a laid-back, elegant atmosphere with sides of international tapas and other delicious light snacks. With such a wide array of finger food and small...

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