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Ching Ming

English: Ching Ming, Portuguese: Cheng Ming, Traditional: 清明節, Simplified: 清明节

The Ching Ming Festival in Macau occurs every 106th day following the winter solstice, usually around April 4 or 5.

It’s a solemn family event wherein relatives visit their ancestors’ graves to clean the tombstones and offer fresh flowers or wine.

Ching Ming Macau, 2024 Festival Dates, Tomb-Sweeping Day, History

Other traditional rituals that are done at the cemeteries include the burning of joss sticks as well as paper objects (money, paper cars, etc.), even mahjong sets, with the belief that the deceased will receive them in the afterlife.

All family members are given an opportunity to face the headstone of their ancestors and bow three times before it, with the right fist cupped within the left hand. Traditionally, the eldest son must always visit their relatives on this day, even if other members cannot make it.

Some families also roast food, such as fruit and piglets, during the Ching Ming Festival while culminating the rituals with a meal enjoyed altogether. The most common foods associated with this holiday include a glutinous rice dumpling dyed green, known as qingtuan.

Other names, such as the Spring Remembrance or Grave Sweeping Day, also know this holiday. Its origins can be explained by the Chinese characters: ching, which refers to clean or pure, while ming means bright. When put together, it describes the traditional rituals done in tombs. Aside from visiting graves, it’s just as essential to clean headstones and weed out the area.

This holiday attracts many visitors from the nearby region as well. Tourist arrivals tend to increase during this time of year, especially given how close it is to the Easter holidays. Hotels, resorts, and restaurants tend to get busier than other times of the year, so if you intend to visit Macau around this festival, make your reservations ahead of time.

Visiting Macau during the Ching Ming Festival is a solemn opportunity to observe Chinese traditions.

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