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Feast of the God Tou Tei

English: Feast of the God Tou Tei, Portuguese: Festa do Tou Tei, Traditional: 土地誕, Simplified: 土地诞

The Feast of the God Tou Tei is a Chinese celebration in Macau that occurs every 2nd day of the second lunar month.

It celebrates Tou Tei, known in ancient Chinese folklore as the God of Earth, widely revered in Macau.

Feast of the God Tou Tei, Macau, 2024 Dates, Ceremonies, Lion Dances

Images or statues of the deity are usually seen in shops or residences around the country. In addition, numerous temples have been established to honour Tou Tei. The Tou Tei Temple in Patane is the most famous of these, but the Fok Tak Chi Temple in Horta da Mitra is the best place to observe the festivities of this event. Festival celebrations occur in other Tou Tei temples around town, including those in Sam Pa Mun.

It remains unknown exactly when the historic Fok Tak Chi Temple was constructed, though experts agree that it was around the time of the Qing Dynasty. Many important folk Chinese celebrations occur here, including the Feast of the God Tou Tei, where Chinese opera performances will occur.

In addition, worshippers often begin the festivities from their homes, praying and then heading to the various temples for the lion dances and parades. They also use this opportunity to pray for a bigger harvest.

There are many delicious foods available for worshippers to try at this time. These include whole roasted pig and many other traditional delicacies. If you have never watched a Chinese opera, this is a fantastic time to do so. Other festival attractions include vibrant decorations all around the streets, troupe drama, parades, and much more.

The Feast of the God of Tou Tei is a vibrant cultural event where all are welcome to engage respectfully.

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Intersection of Rua de Henrique de Macedo and Rua de Tomás da Rosa, Macau, Macau

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