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A-Ma Goddess Statue

English: A-Ma Goddess Statue, Traditional: 媽祖塑像

The A-Ma Goddess Statue is a must-see while visiting Coloane in Macau. A-Ma, the Taoist Goddess of Seafarers, is highly revered by over 200 million devotees from all corners of the globe.

This majestic statue is the patron of all sailors and fishermen, especially in Macau.

A-Ma Goddess Statue, Tin Hau Height, Alto de Coloane, Macau

The incredible statue is 65 feet high and carved entirely out of white marble. It’s situated on the highest point of Coloane; Fujian devotees and Taiwanese Taoists funded its construction. She is the tallest statue of the goddess in the world, so it’s no surprise why thousands of her devotees flock to pay homage to the white jade statue here yearly. She stands straight and faces the north with a protective albeit concerned look.

The statue is within the A-Ma Cultural Village, a sprawling complex with a pavilion gate, a Dressing Hall, and many stunning intricate features that are auspicious to Taoists.

To get to the A-Ma Goddess Statue requires a short hike, though the sights around you will be well worth it. This is where you can have the best views of the gorgeous Hac Sa Beach in the south, plus the vistas of Taipa in the north, as well as the Cotai Strip.

From here, you can also visit the Tin Hau Temple, built in honour of Tin Hau in 1785, making it the oldest temple in all of Taipa. Aside from its sheer beauty, many visitors flock to the temple to observe the numerous historical and cultural relics.

The Chapel of St Francis is nearby and well worth spending time in. The chapel has an iconic mustard yellow colour and was built to honour the famous missionary St.Francis Xavier. Other notable attractions nearby include Coloane Village, the Museum of Nature and Agriculture, Seac Pai Van Park, and many more.

The A-Ma Goddess Status is a major highlight in Coloane, so don’t miss it.

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