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Art of the City

English: Art of The City, Traditional: 藝賞天地, Simplified: 艺赏天地

Art of the City is an incredible themed exhibit within the City of Dreams.

This collection of internationally renowned contemporary works showcases 18 art installations within the hotel, but what makes it so special is how the pieces are integrated seamlessly into the property’s elegant décor.

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The installations bring the hotel to life and add a touch of quirk, humour, and character. There are many highlights to discover as you roam around; one is the Good Intentions installation by world-famous New York City artist, KAWS. It features two figures resembling companions and a child and his parent’s relationship.

One notably bold piece is Echos of Infinity, created by Shinji Ohmaki, who drew inspiration from the Tree of Life by Da Vinci. Bright plants, fruits, and flowers adorn the walls in his work, representing an abundance of diversity and imagination. It feels like walking in a forest, leading to a completely different fantasy world.

Art of the City also features the 200 Litofairhour by the entrance in the northwest, made by Charles Petillon. It’s a large cluster of textile spheres that come together in waves, resembling clouds that float in the air. What makes this installation unique is that it requires 200 litres of air every hour to sustain them on the top, representing us humans’ need for oxygen to survive. These are just some of the many awe-inspiring works you’ll see here.

The entire experience is immersive and delights all the senses, whether you are an art enthusiast or not. Make the most out of your experience by booking a guided art tour to learn about each piece in more detail. Get in touch with any of the staff at City of Dreams to learn more.

Art of the City is an artistic experience you must not miss in Macau.

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City of Dreams,
Estrada do Istmo, Cotai, Macau

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