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Camoes Park

English: Camoes Park, Portuguese: Jardim de Luís de Camões, Traditional: 白鴿巢公園, Simplified: 白鸽巢公园

Camoes Garden is one of the oldest and biggest parks in Macau.

It’s almost 20,000 square meters in size, offering visitors lots of space to enjoy the outdoors and unwind in a picturesque setting.

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During the 18th century, this garden once served as the location for the Chairman of the British East India Company’s residence, which was then known as Casa Garden. Today, the buildings house an amazing art gallery, and the Old Protestant Cemetery is also found here. Some numerous flowering trees and walkways grace the cemetery where missionaries, merchants, and expats now lay in peace.

By 1835, the British had left the country, so the Portuguese owner built a grotto to pay tribute to Luis de Camoes, the national poet of Portugal. The grotto is formed around a bronze bust of de Camoes, which is now considered state property.

Camoes Garden is a popular destination for locals who come for their daily exercise and stretches, and many tourists also visit to appreciate the surroundings. The beautifully maintained garden fronting the grotto is a wonderful place to unwind beneath the banyan trees. A fountain at the park’s entrance features a bronze sculpture called the Embrace, which is meant to resemble the friendship between China and Portugal.

There are winding paths through the garden, which also lead you to the gazebo, the highest area of the park, from where you can sit back and take in the sweeping views of the inner harbour.

The park is well-loved for serving as a tranquil oasis in Macau, and the entrance is free. It’s not uncommon to see people doing Tai Chi in the early mornings, walking around, or playing outdoor games. Throughout the year, it is always a clean and reliable place to visit; public restrooms are also found here.

Don’t miss a visit to Camoes Garden while exploring Macau.

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