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Carmo Hall

English: Carmo Hall, Portuguese: Auditório do Carmo, Traditional: 嘉模会堂, Simplified: 嘉模會堂

Carmo Hall (Auditorio do Carmo) is an elegant two-storey space in Taipa Village.

Famous for its pastel green facade, the auditorium is designed to accommodate a range of events, including art exhibits, performances, concerts, and other cultural shows.

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Also known as Auditorio do Carmo, the structure was originally set up to be the General Electric Bureau of the Island, the sole public power plant serving Taipa’s residents. By 2007, it was repurposed to serve as a multi-functional cultural and activity centre for residents.

Today, many inspiring talks and seminars are held here, as well as recreational events and cultural performances. Explore the interiors and exteriors and be transported to a bygone time during the colonial era of Macau. It only takes a few minutes to appreciate this attraction, and you won’t regret it.

Carmo Hall is located in Taipa Village, a charming yet small community known for its quiet, narrow streets and Portuguese-era buildings. There are many gems to discover here, such as ancient temples that fuse with modern establishments. Spend some time at Rua da Cunha, also known as Food Street, where you can sample authentic Macanese fare and European delights. However, tourists visit Taipa Village mainly because this is the best place to experience old Macau at its finest, with culture and heritage alive in every street.

Stop by the Taipa House Museum, another terrific example of old Portuguese architecture. It was constructed in 1921 to serve as a residence for civil servants. However, it’s now a museum complex where you can see exhibits and artefacts that tell stories of life during the colonial period of Macau.

Other attractions include Pak Tai Temple, Our Lady of Carmel Church, and the Museum of Taipa and Coloane History.

Carmo Hall is located at Av. De Carlos da Maia, Macau.

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Opened only when there is an exhibition

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