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Chapel Of Our Lady Of Penha

English: Chapel Of Our Lady Of Penha, Portuguese: Capela de Nossa Senhora da Penha, Traditional: 主教山小堂, Simplified: 主教山小堂

The Chapel Of Our Lady Of Penha is a beautiful church on Penha Hill. It was constructed in 1622 and was under the ownership of the Augustinians until they were expelled from the country in 1834.

Three years later, the church was reconstructed, and a Bishop’s residence was built next to it.

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The church was renovated in 1935. Today, it’s a remarkable place of worship for the Catholics, with its elegant design and bell tower. Out front in the church is an Our Lady of Lourdes statue, which faces the sea. The area is so iconic that it has become one of the top destinations to have wedding photos taken. As it’s situated in a high spot, visitors can take in bird’s eye views of Macau.

There are stairs leading to the Chapel Of Our Lady Of Penha, and you can find the grotto when you head down. Within the grotto is a small altar for worship. It’s quite the hike to get up here, but the views certainly make it worth it, so it’s no surprise this has become a popular tourist attraction for believers and travellers alike.

In the past, it once served as a place of pilgrimage for seafarers who were about to head out into the sea as it was believed that the lady would protect them from hazardous conditions.

While here, explore the rest of Penha Hill, as it’s a picturesque destination. The hill is 62.7 meters above sea level and the third highest in the Macau Peninsula. It faces the west inner harbour, and you can see Guia Hill from here. Most visitors come here to see the church and the mansion house for Catholicism, which was built in 1935.

The Chapel Of Our Lady Of Penha is one of the top religious attractions in Macau.

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Located on the top of Penha Hill,
Estrada de Dom Joao Paulino, Macau, Macau

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