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Coloane Trail

English: Coloane Trail, Portuguese: Trilho De Coloane, Traditional: 路環步行徑

The Coloane Trail (Trilho De Coloane) is a thrilling walking and hiking trail 8,100 meters long.

It takes you around the island’s central area, averaging 100 meters above sea level.

Coloane Trail, Hiking Route Network, Fitness Map, Location, Macau

The self-guided trail is ideal for experienced hikers looking for a scenic challenge. As the longest dedicated trail in Macau, it takes around two and a half hours to complete. Aside from hiking, it’s also a popular walking and trail running loop, with several areas where you can rest and catch your breath. There are signposts around the trail, so you won’t get lost.

Coloane Trail will take you to many picturesque viewpoints, some of which include a sighting of the majestic A-Ma statue. It also includes inclined areas as well as flat sections. The trail starts and ends near the Arboretum in the middle of Estrada do Alto de Coloane. There are other exciting trails around the island that you can explore, too; another popular option is the Coloane Fitness Walk, an easy choice that crosses the Alto de Coloane.

The Ka Ho Height Family Trail takes you around the perimeter of Hehuan Peak, with only a mild incline encountered at the start of the route. From here, you can see views of Hac Sa Beach and the reservoir, which make for a terrific end to the journey. You can even head to the beach after your walk to cool down and enjoy a barbecue with your family.

For those looking for a more relaxing walk, the Ka Ho Reservoir Lakeside Trail is ideal. It’s hard not to enjoy this walk with all the chirping birds and butterflies around you.

If you want to try something new while staying fit, the Coloane Trail is highly recommended.

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