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Comendador Ho Ying Garden

English: Comendador Ho Ying Garden, Portuguese: Jardim Comendador Ho Yin, Traditional: 何賢公園, Simplified: 何贤公园

The Comendador Ho Ying Garden is a small city park in Se, Macau, which was named after Ho Yin, a reputable businessman, community leader, and politician.

He lived from 1908 to 1983.

Comendador Ho Ying Garden, Playground, Fountain, Gym, Macau

The garden opened to the public in 1993 and was designed by Francisco Caldeira Cabral. It was established initially as the Heung Shan Garden, though it was renamed in 1996 to pay tribute to Ho Yin’s achievements, especially for the relations of the Portuguese and Chinese communities. From May 2005 onwards, the Macanese Government began renovation works to improve the park. One of the additions they included was a car garage beneath the park.

The main highlight of the Comendador Ho Ying Garden is the Orient Arch. Other notable features of the park include the white jade orchid tree, which symbolises Ho Yin’s dedication to the country and his lifetime contributions, especially to charity. Its amenities include an outdoor fitness centre, kids’ playground, library, and badminton court. There are benches and concrete chess tables around, where locals are fond of gathering in the afternoons and early mornings.

Though the park is simple in design overall, it’s a destination well-loved by the area’s residents and visitors looking for beautiful green spots in Macau.

Nearby, visitors can easily access the Macau Fisherman’s Wharf on foot. It’s located along the outer harbour banks, and as the country’s largest entertainment complex, it is worth visiting to check out the dining and nightlife scene. It also houses several excellent hotels if you’d like to base yourself here for a few days. Another landmark near the area is the famous 65-foot-high bronze Guan Yin statue, which represents compassion, mercy, and love.

The Comendador Ho Ying Garden and surrounding attractions offer lots to do for families.

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