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Company Of Jesus Square

English: Company Of Jesus Square, Portuguese: Largo da Companhia de Jesus, Traditional: 耶穌會紀念廣場, Simplified: 耶稣会纪念广场

The Company Of Jesus Square (Largo da Companhia de Jesus) is one of Macau’s most popular public squares.

This is where you can find many of the top tourist attractions in an area, and it’s also a great place to explore renowned eateries.

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Situated 10 minutes away from the equally famous Senado Square, this historical spot is highly recommended to visitors. Be sure to come in comfortable walking shoes since the best way to sightsee is on foot.

Your first stop should be the Ruins of St. Paul’s, the remains of a 17th-century Catholic church called the Mater Dei. Additionally, it encompassed the Church of St. Paul and St. Paul’s College but unfortunately burned down in a fire in 1835.

From the Company Of Jesus Square, you can also visit another popular landmark, the Na Tcha Temple. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is situated near the Ruins of St. Paul’s and built in 1888. Despite its small size, the temple is one of the best living examples of a traditional Chinese temple. It features a single-chambered building with a simple facade and the usual ceramic animal sculptures on its ridge, typical of Chinese temples.

Another attraction is the Friendship Statue, a fascinating monument of a Chinese girl handing a lotus flower to a Portuguese boy. More importantly, this monument is a highly revered symbol of friendship between the two countries.

The Cinemateca Paixao is also nearby; this is one of the most important cultural institutions, which happens to be just across the Ruins of St. Paul’s. It was established to promote the art of film, providing a range of services, including video storage and film screenings.

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