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Crystal Palace

English: Crystal Palace, Traditional: 水晶金殿, Simplified: 水晶金殿

The Crystal Palace is a unique attraction offered only at The Londoner Macao, a casino resort.

This one-of-a-kind attraction famously brings all the best elements of British high life to China.

Crystal Palace, The Londoner, Height, Fountain, Marble, Macau

The palace is an impressive space within the resort, with its luxurious palatial style, light-filled interiors and Victorian design. With most of the area constructed in glass and iron, it’s hard not to be blown away. It’s a 33-meter-high area with unique details on the ceiling, which has been made out of marble. The pinnacle showcases a full-scale memorial of the Shaftesbury and Anteros, a Greek god.

The Crystal Palace is just one of the exciting attractions to discover here. They also offer the Black Cab Escape, another unique experience where visitors can have a meet-and-greet with a holographic David Beckham inside the iconic English black cab. Bring your friends along as David Beckham drives you around London’s streets and even shows you some of his favourite places. At the end, you can take a photo with him to remind you of your time at the Black Cab Escape.

A true English experience would not be complete without high tea. At The Londoner, visitors can sit inside massive tea cups large enough for you to take photos inside one. British ladies dressed in glamorous high tea wear will greet you in incredible fashion, so don’t forget to take a selfie with them, too! In addition, you’ll also be treated to a Double Decker adventure, the ubiquitous red bus that transports people around London. The bus comes to life, complete with a horn and motor. Other experiences here include London Calling and the Londoner Carriage.

The Crystal Palace and so much more await you when you visit The Londoner Macao.

What is the Crystal Palace address?
The Londoner Macao,
Estrada do Istmo, Cotai, Macau

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