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D Maria II Hill Park

English: D Maria II Hill Park, Portuguese: Jardim da Colina de D. Maria II, Traditional: 馬交石炮台公園

The D Maria II Hill Park (Jardim da Colina de D. Maria II) is a small public park in Macau.

Going on a short stroll through the park is a scenic way to explore this quaint neighbourhood full of cultural and historical attractions.

D Maria II Hill Park, Fort, Garden, City View, Trees, Steps, Macau

The park has many old trees that add to its ancient feel and paved walkways with handrails. Many visitors pass by here while exploring a popular attraction called the Dona Maria II Fortress near it. It’s a small fort built in 1851, though abandoned in 1943. Walk around the area for stunning views of the Avenida de Amizade Reservoir Park, another lovely relaxing spot.

Alternatively, you can visit the Flora Garden after passing through D Maria II Hill Park. The Flora Garden is highly recommended for families with young children because it has several world-class amenities for kids. These include a dedicated animal zone, a scooter and bicycle field, a cable car station, an animal zone, and fitness facilities for older kids and adults. It changed hands several times throughout the decades, and today, it is one of the country’s most beautiful public parks. One can’t help but admire the garden entrance flanked with stunning plants.

There are so many excellent parks within the area. The Guia Hill Municipal Park is also a must-visit; it’s renowned for being a top destination for scenic runs and jogging. Aside from that, it also has several recreational amenities such as a playground, snack and drink kiosks, a gateball court, fitness facilities, and more. Because it’s such a versatile park, many visitors of all ages frequent it throughout the day.

The D Maria II Hill Park and the many beautiful nearby parks are a delightful addition to any family’s itinerary.

What is the D Maria II Hill Park address?
Estrada de D. Maria II e Rampa de D. Maria II, Macau, Macau

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