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Dona Maria II Fortress

English: Dona Maria II Fortress, Portuguese: Fortaleza De Dona Maria II, Traditional: 馬交石炮台, Simplified: 马交石炮台

The Dona Maria II Fortress (Fortaleza De Dona Maria II) is a historical fortress located at the summit of Ma Kau Seac Hill.

It was constructed from 1851 to 1852 to fortify the Mong Ha Fortress in Macau’s northern borders from the Qing government.

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During the peak of World War II in 1943, American air fighters bombed it, and it was left in ruins. However, it was eventually restored and reconstructed. Today, it is one of the top historical sites, though the public can only see its interiors from the wooden bridge built over the moat by the entrance.

From here, one can still appreciate its features, such as the irregular hexagonal design. At the same time, the primary access was only enabled through the movable bridge, such as what was used during medieval times. The fortress’s interior was used to house a water reservoir and a gunpowder deposit, while a cannon was placed in its northern area.

When visiting the Dona Maria II Fortress, visitors can also appreciate the views of the reservoir found east of the city and the Reclaimed Zone. History buffs will enjoy visiting this fortress and the many other forts around Macau. One of the most famous is the Mount Fortress, which is almost 400 years old.

Inside, it houses the Macao Museum, but this UNESCO World Heritage Site is worth visiting to learn about its role in history within its 100 x 100-meter stone fort. There are spectacular views of the casino strip and sunset at the top, too.

The Mong Ha Fort is another popular historical site. Located atop Mong Ha Hill, its construction was finished in 1866, and today, it has a beautiful park with gorgeous flowerbeds and walkways.

The Dona Maria II Fortress and Macau’s other historical sites will take you back in time.

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Rampa do Forte de Mong Ha,
Estrada de D. Maria II, Macau, Macau

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