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Floral Creations

English: Floral Creations, Traditional: 創意花藝佈置, Simplified: 创意花卉装置艺术

Floral Creations is one of the many breathtaking art and entertainment pieces that you can find in Wynn Palace in Cotai.

If you are visiting Macau, this is an attraction you won’t want to miss.

Floral Creations, Flower Sculptures, Map, Wynn Palace, Macau

Each of these large-scale sculptures are carefully made out of thousands of flowers, all custom-made for the property. There are many to discover around the hotel, such as the carousel, Ferris wheel, parachutes, and more. Seeing them in real life and the light display is truly mesmerising and feels like a dream! Something that all ages can truly appreciate.

Floral Creations is among the many things to feast your eyes on at Wynn Palace. The entire property has been designed to enchant visitors using all their senses. Another main attraction is the SkyCab, which sits six people comfortably, taking you over the Performance Lake and into the hotel garden. It’s simply the most memorable way to arrive at a hotel – talk about making an entrance! The SkyCab is air-conditioned, ensuring utmost comfort, while the custom-made audio tells you about the stunning views you’re about to see. This is one that the kids will love for sure, too!

Meanwhile, Performance Lake is a star attraction and for good reason. It’s the Wynn Palace’s signature highlight, drawing thousands of people every week just to come and see it. This is free to watch even if you are not staying at the hotel. The Performance Lake has been designed with the latest water, music, and light technology to create a synchronised show. The shows are always elegant and graceful, perfectly executed, and never fail to leave visitors with a sense of wonder.

Floral Creations and the rest of the magic at Wynn Palace are not to be missed while in Macau.

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Wynn Palace,
Avenida da Nave Desportiva, Cotai, Macau

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