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Former Chong Sai Pharmacy

English: Former Chong Sai Pharmacy, Portuguese: Antiga Farmácia Chong Sai, Traditional: 中西药局旧址, Simplified: 中西藥局舊址

The Former Chong Sai Pharmacy (Antiga Farmacia Chong Sai) is a unique attraction in Macau. It was one of the first pharmacies established in the country in 1892.

It was run by a Chinese doctor named Dr. Sun Yat-sen, who offered Western medical treatments and was the first to do so.

Former Chong Sai Pharmacy, History, Opening Hours, Address, Macau

This historic attraction has all the features of an old shophouse. It was leased out after using it as a medical facility and pharmacy and underwent several owners and management through the decades. At one point, it was used to operate a textile business and a Taoist hall. In 2011, it was acquired by the Government of Macau, who also restored it. The works were completed by 2016, and the property was converted into a public exhibition space.

Today, the Former Chong Sai Pharmacy displays a range of exhibits, some of which pertain to the life and work of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, archaeological artefacts, the history of Macau, architectural features, and much more. Visitors will be pleased to learn about Dr Sun Yat-sen and his contributions to Macau, as well as the elegant features of the shophouse. There are three floors to explore, and the entrance is free of charge.

A few minute’s walk away is the Sound of the Century Museum, which houses a fascinating collection of antique music and sound machines. It’s also the biggest collection of its kind in all of Asia, with more than 300 items on display to discover. The museum is owned by Mr. Henry Chen, who is passionate about vintage music machines and has been collecting them since he lived in Canada. He then brought them back to Macau.

The Former Chong Sai Pharmacy is a must-visit for anyone who enjoys learning about history and architecture.

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