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I Leng Temple

English: I Leng Temple, Traditional: 醫靈廟, Simplified: 医灵庙

The I Leng Temple is a small temple in Taipa.

It was established in 1900 in honour of the Great Emperor of Healing, also known as Ka Sing Tong.

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The term ‘I Leng’ refers to any renowned pharmacists or physicians, of which there are many in China. Some include Hua Tuo, Shennong, Bian Que, and Sun Simiao.

The temple houses many important historical relics, shrines, a plaque, imperial lanterns, and many more. It houses the idol representing the Emperor of Sacred Doctor in the House, which refers to the many sacred doctors. Visitors are welcome to spend time here to see the statues, pray, and burn incense.

The I Leng Temple is along a long road in Old Taipa, where you can find many other tourist attractions within walking distance or a short drive. If you want to see more ancient temples in this area, the Pak Tai Temple should not be missed. Its origins date back to 1844, to pay homage to Pak Tai, a deity believed to have the power to stop natural disasters, including fires and floods. Pak Tai is also considered the Taoist god of the sea.

Meanwhile, the Our Lady of Carmel Church, built in 1885, is the only Catholic church in Taipa. Its unique neoclassical structure is a sight to behold, and the church grounds are a well-loved destination for relaxing with its lovely views.

The Taipa House Museum is an excellent model of colonial Portuguese architecture and has been known as one of the top attractions in Macau for many decades. Numerous artefacts within the museum showcase life in the colonial period.

The I Leng Temple and Taipa’s other attractions make this destination a lovely weekend jaunt.

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