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Jorge Alvares Square

English: Jorge Alvares Square, Portuguese: Praça De Jorge Álvares, Traditional: 區華利前地休憩區, Simplified: 区华利前地休憩区

The Jorge Alvares Square (Praça De Jorge Álvares) is a small public park and Macau garden facing the New Yaohan.

The park was named in honour of Jorge Alvares, a renowned Portuguese explorer.

Jorge Alvares Square, Playground, Monument, Toilets, Macau

A statue of the explorer can be found within the park. He was credited for being the first European to travel to China by sea and arriving in Macau in 1513. As soon as he arrived, he saw the country’s potential as a vital port for trading with the West. The current location of the ship-shaped Maritime Museum is where Alvares was first believed to have docked.

Today, Jorge Alvares Square reminds us of his contributions to the country as we know it. This outdoor leisure area may be small, but there are some interesting details, such as the cobblestone patterns and the statue. Visitors can spend a few minutes exploring the area before checking out other nearby tourist attractions, such as New Yaohan, where you can shop for clothes, children’s toys, electronics, and souvenirs.

Afterwards, you can stroll along the Nam Van Lake, which is only a block away. Although it’s a man-made lake, it’s stunning, to say the least, and is a great place where you can go on strolls along the scenic southern portion of the Macau Peninsula.

Be sure to check out the recent development along the lakeside plaza called Anim’Arte Nam Van, a section with gorgeous art installations unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Pedal boats can also be rented for a low price to explore the lake for half an hour and see more of it.

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