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Kou Ho Neng Mansion

English: Kou Ho Neng Mansion, Portuguese: Mansão do Kou Ho Neng, Traditional: 高可寧大宅

The Kou Ho Neng Mansion is a famous historical landmark in Macau.

This is a great place to visit to see an example of East-meets-West architecture, though it also has some fascinating stories behind it.

Kou Ho Neng Mansion, History, Architecture, Location, Macau

It’s named after a man who used to operate fan-tan houses and eventually took over the monopoly of Macau’s opium trade in 1911. Later, he established the Tong On Steamship Company, the Fu Hang Money Exchange Shop, and the Tak Seng On Pawnshop. In 1916, he bought the mansion where the current landmark stands.

He was renowned for being a pawnshop mogul because he operated numerous successful pawnshop businesses and was busy in the opium trade. In addition, he also operated successful gaming businesses.

Today, the Kou Ho Neng Mansion is a popular tourist attraction showcasing the best Chinese and Portuguese architecture. It’s only a quick five-minute walk away from Senado Square. Though it’s not on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites register, the mansion is open for the public to visit and admire its intricate and elegant details. However, you can visit numerous tourist attractions within the vicinity.

The Cineteatro Macau is a few blocks away and can be accessed by foot. This historic theatre opened to the public in 1982 but still operates as a modern-day cinema. It evokes a nostalgic feel but has modern amenities for the comfort and convenience of movie-goers.

Another historic landmark within the area is the S Francisco Garden, which is the oldest garden in the entire country, having been around since 1580. It now has lovely lush green areas, making it a refreshing space to relax in in the city.

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