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Kun Iam Tong Temple

Kun Iam Tong Temple

English: Kun Iam Tong Temple, Portuguese: Templo de Kun Iam Tong, Traditional: 觀音堂, Simplified: 观音堂

The Kun Iam Tong Temple is a Buddhist temple built in the 13th century.

It is one of Macau’s most famous and iconic temples, a must-visit for any first-time traveller.

Kun Iam Tong Temple, History, Buddhas, Location, Macau

Though the temple was constructed during the 13th century, it has undergone many renovations. The current building was built in 1627.

The temple boasts large entrance gates, spacious courtyards, intricate halls, and porcelain figures. The deities inside include Kun Iam, the Buddha of Longevity, and the Precious Buddhas. 18 Buddhas surround the Kun Iam altar, while in the interior rooms, scrolls honour the goddess with calligraphy and pictures.

There are lovely gardens behind the Kun Iam Tong Temple. There is also a noteworthy stone table here because it was where the first Sino-American treaty was signed on July 3, 1844, between the United States Minister Caleb Cushing and the Viceroy of Canton, Ki Ying. A monk statue made out of marble can also be found within a pavilion. The majestic banyan trees add to the ethereal ambience of the gardens. All these and more await you when you visit the temple.

Meanwhile, there are numerous tourist attractions near the temple that you can check out, too. The Mong Ha Municipal Park is a recreational zone with features for all ages. Take the footpaths that lead to various activity areas; the trail here is recommended for those who want to explore Macau further on foot.

A few blocks away is the Lin Fung Temple, erected in 1592 at the height of the Ming Dynasty rule. It features a cluster of palaces, though the Tianhou Palace is the most significant of them all.

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