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Municipal Kennel Garden

English: Municipal Kennel Garden, Portuguese: Jardim do Canil Municipal, Traditional: 巿政狗房花園, Simplified: 巿政狗房花园

The Municipal Kennel Garden (Jardim do Canil Municipal) is a small park located along Av. Do Almirante Lacerda in Macau.

If you find yourself in this part of the city, it’s worth stopping by the park for a short stroll.

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The park has a singular pathway; on each side, it’s flanked by manicured gardens, shrubs, and bushes. It’s right next to the Macau Municipal Kennel, which provides important welfare and veterinary services for local animals. It also functions as a public animal shelter, managed by the Department of Food and Animal Inspection and Control of the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau.

After stopping by the Municipal Kennel Garden, you can visit many tourist destinations within the area. One of them is the Mong-Ha Fort, which is right beside it. The fort is part of the Bairro Militar de Mong-Ha, a larger military reservation established in 1849 to help protect and defend the northern portion of Macau from potential invasions by the Chinese after the First Opium War. Today, it’s a historical attraction open to the public; visitors can do short self-guided tours to explore it.

Aside from the fort, the Lin Fung Temple is another tourist spot you can visit. This temple is dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy, also known as Kun Iam. The temple has been around since 1592, though it underwent several repairs and renovations through the centuries.

Have a break at the Jardim Triangular da Areia Preta, then go for a walk as you discover the many restaurants and coffee shops in the area. The Supermercado Royal is also nearby, and this popular supermarket is sure to have all the food you need

The Municipal Kennel Garden and the surrounding destinations make this part of Macau a lovely excursion for the day.

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