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Night Market @ Lisboeta

English: Night Market @ Lisboeta, Traditional: 澳門 葡京人夜市, Simplified: 葡京人夜市

The Night Market @ Lisboeta offers a unique local experience while in Macau.

It’s a one-stop destination that has something for everyone: entertainment, delicious food, and leisure activities.

Night Market @ Lisboeta, Hours, Location, Stalls, Food, Macau

Taking place right by the Macau Palace, this a truly remarkable destination where you can sample some of the most delicious dishes at affordable prices. Enjoy the evening here with music and other performances.

The market is just one of the many recently developed attractions that provide tourists and locals with more exciting activities to look forward to. The others include the GoAirborne Indoor SkyDiving and ZIPCITY.

Before heading to the Night Market @ Lisboeta, try the other attractions with your friends and family. GoAirborne is the country’s first-ever indoor skydiving facility. It’s open to everyone aged four and up, allowing you to experience the freedom and liberty of flying freely in a completely weather-controlled wind tunnel. Additionally, it’s equipped with air-conditioning for a relaxing and comfortable time as you skydive 3,000 to as much as 12,000 feet high. All experiences are supervised by professional instructors who have been trained internationally.

Meanwhile, ZIPCITY has another thrill of its own, being the first urban zipline amenity in Asia-Pacific. Here, you’ll get to try ziplining, though the ride is elevated through the presence of audio-visual features. There are five ziplines, and you get to embark with your friends or family as you conquer the 388-meter-long journey from a 60-meter-high tower.

The facility is located at the Retro Zone, in a specially built tower for this. Zip through the Cotai skyline; whether you decide to do this day or night, it will surely be an exhilarating time you won’t forget.

These and more await you when you visit the Night Market @ Lisboeta.

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