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Old Court Building

English: Old Court Building, Portuguese: Edifício do Antigo Tribunal, Traditional: 原法院大楼旧址, Simplified: 原法院大樓舊址

The Old Court Building (Edifício do Antigo Tribunal) is a cultural performance venue in Macau, though its roots go much further back. It was built in 1951 originally to house the government’s finance department, as well as the economic department, note bureau, and civil affairs department.

By 1999, sovereignty was handed to China, and it was then the home of the Judicial Court.

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Eventually, the Judicial Court relocated in 2003. Today, the venue, which is also known as the Old Court Building, hosts many festivals and events throughout the year, including book fairs, art shows, theatre performances, and much more.

On the ground floor, there is a spacious exhibition hall, and this is also where the Black Box Theatre can be found. The theatre hosts small theatre and dance shows and is equipped with flexible stage and seating arrangements.

The Old Court Building is located near many renowned historical sites, which you may visit on the same day. One of these is the stunning Lou Kau Mansion, built in 1889.

It’s named after a prominent merchant and is interesting for its architectural and historical features because the traditional courtyard home still has the characteristics of a Chinese residential building from its time. Lou Kau, a famous businessman, owned many buildings around the city back then. You will notice the overhanging eave on its facade, designed to protect it from weather. There are also three courtyards that you can explore.

While in the area, you can check out the other beautiful sights nearby. Don’t miss Senado Square, a scenic public square and iconic attraction. Their neighbourhood is also dotted with several fantastic eateries where you can try the famous egg tarts or have some Chinese food.

The Old Court Building and its surrounding attractions make this spot a great place to explore in Macau.

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