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Pak Tai Temple

English: Pak Tai Temple, Portuguese: Templo de Pak Tai, Traditional: 氹仔北帝廟, Simplified: 氹仔北帝庙

The Pak Tai Temple is a historic Taoist temple dating back over 160 years.

It was built to pay tribute to the Northern Emperor, Pak Tai, whom devotees believe to have the power to protect people from the perils of floods and fire.

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A carved inscription can be found in the temple that tells its origin stories. Step inside to see the worship pavilion, which was added so devotees can add offerings and pray to the god.

It has a simple Chinese design, and other deities are also prayed to inside. During the early days of Macau, most of the population were fisher folk, so many followed Pak Tai as they believed he could protect them.

Every 3rd day of the 3rd month in the lunar calendar, the Feast of Pak Tai takes place. The Pak Tai Temple comes alive with festivities, including Chinese operas and vibrant designs. If you happen to be visiting during this time, it’s an excellent opportunity to witness a Taoist religious festival.

During your visit, you can also check out another Taoist temple nearby, the Tin Hau Temple. It was built sometime in 1785 in honour of the Goddess Tin Hau. This is Taipa’s oldest temple, and it’s significant because it preserves numerous historical and cultural relics, which date back to notable periods in Chinese history under the reign of Qianlong, Xian Feng, Guang Wu, and many more.

It features an atrium, a main hall, and a front hall. However, its traditional Chinese facade is a sight to behold. Other temple highlights include the standing tablets, an ancient bell, ancient boards, tin or stone incense burners, and incense burners.

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