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Peak Tram

English: Peak Tram, Traditional: 山頂纜車, Simplified: 山顶缆车
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The Peak Tram is perhaps the most famous and historic transportation in Hong Kong.

While many tourists know about it because it provides a scenic way to get to The Peak, it has a long and rich history worth knowing about.

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Its origins date back to the early 1880s when a few dozen expat families resided on The Peak because of the cooler temperatures. However, the only way you could get there back then was through a sedan chair.

The idea to develop the first cable funicular tramway in all of Asia was conceptualised by designer Alexander Findlay Smith, who also happened to be living here. After travelling around North America and Europe, he returned to Hong Kong with a plan.

By 1882, the Hong Kong High Level Tramways Company was established and the tram line opened to the public in 1888. Smith purchased the Dunheved House, which was a restaurant back then, situated close to the planned terminal of the tram, and transformed it into the Peak Hotel to accommodate tourists by the time the tram opened. The Peak Tram has undergone many improvements and redevelopments throughout the last century, adding more modern and safety features while ensuring that passengers are always comfortable.

Today, everyone is welcome to enjoy the 8-10-minute journey which is a delight for the senses. It lets you glide past skyscrapers as you ascend to the iconic building, 396 meters above sea level. Another interesting aspect is the illusion you see as you head uphill, making you see the environment as tilted because of the reclining position you are in while inside the carriage.

The Peak Tram is more than just a ride – it’s a one-of-a-kind experience that all visitors should try at least once while in Hong Kong.

What is the Peak Tram address?
What are the Peak Tram opening hours?
Mon - Sun & Public Holidays: 7am - 10pm

Departs every 15 to 20 minutes

Please visit our website for more information on the Peak Tram.
What are the Peak Tram entry prices?
Regular Days
Adult (Return): HK$ 88
Adult (Single): HK$ 62
Child, Senior & Concession (Return): HK$ 44
Child, Senior & Concession (Single): HK$ 31

Peak Days
Adult (Return): HK$ 108
Adult (Single): HK$ 76
Child, Senior & Concession (Return): HK$ 54
Child, Senior & Concession (Single): HK$ 38

Child is ages 3 - 11yrs
Seniors are 65yrs or above

Please visit our website for more information on the Peak Tram.
What is the Peak Tram phone number?

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