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Rua Dos Ervanarios

English: Street of the Herbalists, Portuguese: Rua Dos Ervanários, Traditional: 關前街, Simplified: 关前正街

Rua Dos Ervanarios is one of the oldest streets in Macau, where visitors can take a stroll to see many traditional shops.

In the past, it was treated as a border between the western and local communities when they would meet to exchange goods.

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Today, the street retains much of its old glory, where many traditional industries still sell wares. Some of the things you can find here include incense, antiques and vintage goods, tailors, and other authentic Chinese items such as jade, religious pieces, homewares, and so much more. With much of Macau feeling so Western and modern these days, visiting this street takes you back in time.

Rua Dos Ervanarios is also home to dozens of terrific cafes and new boutiques. It has established a reputation for being among the top places to have coffee and desserts, so if you are looking for somewhere new to relax and spend the afternoon, this area is highly recommended.

Aside from traditional Chinese shops, a handful of artisan boutiques sell clothing and handmade jewellery. Keep an eye out when walking along the street, and you will also find vibrant street art and graffiti, which add a funky twist to the old feel of this space.

Additionally, the area has many historic attractions that you can also visit. One is the Mount Fortress, which is around 400 years old. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is among the best historical destinations in the country, and if you visit in the late afternoons, you will be treated to spectacular sunset views, including sights of the glittering casino district. Visit the Macao Museum on-site to learn more about the fort’s rich history and surrounding areas.

This and more await you when you visit Rua Dos Ervanarios.

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