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Sam Po Temple

English: Sam Po Temple, Portuguese: Templo de Sam Po, Traditional: 三婆廟, Simplified: 三婆庙

Sam Po Temple is an ancient temple in Macau. Constructed in 1845, it underwent renovations later on.

The temple was built in honour of the water goddess Sam Po, a deity who is also the sister of Tin Hau, known for being the guardian of seafarers.

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Upon entering the temple, you can see that the deity sits inside a structure resembling a cave. It can be quite dark inside, but the deity’s kind face is always reassuring. Visitors often leave fruits, flowers, or money for her.

There is also a stone tablet within the temple with inscriptions using Taoist characters dating back to the reign of Xianfeng, an emperor during the Qing Dynasty. There are three halls to explore within the Sam Po Temple, which also have features similar to other temples, such as hanging incense coils and items of worship.

After a visit to the temple, you can see many popular attractions within the area. One is the Carmo Garden, also known as the Taipa Municipal Garden. It’s considered among the top famous sights in the country because of its historical value, but the gardens are also a lovely place to go for a stroll and discover its facilities.

Additionally, the Taipa Houses Museum is only a few minutes away. This heritage site is one of the most important in Macau, as it showcases the stunning Portuguese colonial architecture of the past. There are five houses, which were built in 1921. Back then, they were residences for notable authorities, including senior civil servants and Macanese families.

The Macau Government recognised its value and converted it into a museum many years later. Upon entering the museum, you will be treated to scenes depicting how people’s homes once looked.

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