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Sam Seng Temple

English: Sam Seng Temple, Portuguese: Templo de Sam Seng, Traditional: 路環三聖宮, Simplified: 路环三圣宫

Sam Seng Temple is one of the ancient temples in Macau and the oldest one in Ka Ho.

It was built in 1865, the 4th year of Emperor Tongzhi.

Sam Seng Temple, History, Empress of Kam Fa, Coloane, Macau

Though the temple is small, many unique features make it worth a visit. The temple was built to honour the Empress of Kam Fa, Kun Iam and Huaguang Master. Over two centuries ago, the statue of the Empress of Kam Fa was brought to Coloane by local fishermen, after which the construction of the temple began.

The Empress of Kam Fa still attracts many pilgrims to the Sam Seng Temple today. She is believed to be helpful for sick children in need of good health. Unfortunately, a big storm damaged the temple, calling for a reconstruction in 2002. However, visitors can still see the ancient bronze bell here, an important historical feature and one of the most notable aspects of the temple.

Other features include the guardian lion statues and a leather drum bell kept inside. You’ll also notice a joss stick cauldron facing the statue of Sam Seng.

Exploring the temple only takes a few minutes; afterwards, you may want to see the tourist attractions nearby. Going on a stroll along the Rua dos Navegantes is highly recommended; this location is home to the incredible traditional stilt houses by the harbour.

Visitors can also walk to the Ponte Cais de Coloane from here (Coloane Pier), a historic pier built in 1873. Other landmarks nearby include the Coloane Market, Chapel of St. Francis Xavier, and the Coloane Library, all within minutes of one another.

The Sam Seng Temple is located by the beach of Sam Seng.

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