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Taipa Pequena

English: Taipa Pequena, Traditional: 小潭山

Taipa Pequena is a scenic mountain found on Macau’s western side.

It’s open to the public, though it’s best known for its picturesque hiking trails from where you can see panoramic views of the peninsula and the outlying islands.

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Also known as the Small Taipa Hill or Pou Tai Hill, the mountain is 112 meters above sea level. Many centuries ago, the island comprised three smaller hills, and two were eventually connected because of sand sediment. Later on, it connected to Small Taipa Hill thanks to reclamation projects that were carried out in the early 19th century.

To make the most out of the sights on Taipa Pequena, going on the 2300-meter-long trail is highly recommended. It’s characterised by winding, broad paths. The trails are family-friendly, and playgrounds for children have also been incorporated into them, making it a great place to take the kids so everyone can exercise. In addition, some parts of the trail have shaded areas where you can rest.

If you want a more challenging hike, try the Taipa Grande Trail. With 4,000 meters of trail paths to discover in the Taipa Grande Natural Park, it has long been a favourite of adventure lovers and even active families. Whether you’re looking to hike for fitness or leisure, you can’t go wrong with the sights here, as you will encounter numerous attractions and beautiful vistas.

This is also where the Taipa Grande Camellia Garden is located, a stunning arboretum home to several camellia species in many vibrant colours. The best time to visit the arboretum is between December and February when the flowers bloom.

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