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Feast of Na Tcha

English: Feast of Na Tcha, Portuguese: Festa Na Tcha, Traditional: 哪吒誕, Simplified: 哪吒诞

The Feast of Na Tcha is an important Taoist holiday in Macau. It takes place every year on the 18th day of the 5th lunar month, the birthday of the Taoist deity.

The celebrations are held in the Na Tcha Temple, a few minutes from the famous Ruins of St. Paul’s and another temple on Calcada das Verdades.

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According to folklore, Na Tcha was a problematic child, so much so that his parents attempted to chain his wrists together to avoid causing so much mischief. However, he could always escape but ran so fast it seemed he had wheels on his feet.

For this reason, he is represented with chains around the wrists and wheels underneath his feet while donning a traditional gold and red dress. The Feast of Na Tcha pays homage to the deity many believe protects children from disease and evil spirits. In Macau, customs dedicated to him date back over 300 years, though the local traditions are different from those in other countries.

He is one of the most famous gods in Macau, as proven by the many displays and exhibits dedicated to him. Among the best places to learn more about him is the Na Tcha Temple, where a room houses numerous objects used for his birthday. These objects include couplets, incense burners, ceremonial umbrellas, Sedan Chair, firecrackers, and more.

During the festival, there are also several parades, Chinese opera performances, and activities for children. Many kids dress up as heroes, with props such as paper fans, swords, and Na Tcha charms.

The Feast of Na Tcha is a fascinating display of dedication to Chinese mythology.

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