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Carnation Revolution

English: Carnation Revolution, Portuguese: Revolução dos Cravos

The Anniversary of the Carnation Revolution takes place on April 25th each year.

Also known as the 1974 Portuguese Revolution, it’s one of the biggest public holidays in Macau as it commemorates the revolution and the first free elections of Portugal the year after.

Carnation Revolution, 2024 Date, Portuguese Anniversary, Macau

April 25th, 1974, was a significant day in history because the Portuguese army held a peaceful protest against the authoritarian Caetano regime, which was notorious for opposing the liberation of Portugal’s colonies in Africa, holding elections, and repressing social leaders. Civilians joined rebels, and red carnations were placed into cannons as a sign of passivity.

The protesters successfully seized the primary military fortresses and ammunition, and Caetano was dismissed in under 24 hours. In addition, the first free elections of Portugal took place on the same date the next year.

There were other reasons the revolution was so significant for Portugal; before then, it was still socially and economically lagging. They had poor infrastructure, while healthcare and education left much to be desired compared to the rest of Europe. The revolution tried to address all these and more, and a few years later, they even began addressing the return of Macau to China, which happened in 1999.

Today, the Anniversary of the 1974 Portuguese Revolution is celebrated in Macau and Portugal, given that the former used to be a Portuguese colony. The day is always revered in the local calendar, and it’s a wonderful reminder of the milestones that transpired in Portugal, which has had a significant influence in shaping the country as we know it today.

There may be lectures, events, and festivities happening around Macau during this date, though it tends to change each year, so be on the lookout for activities.

The Anniversary of the 1974 Portuguese Revolution is an important milestone for the history of both Macau and Portugal.

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