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Labour Day

Labour Day

English: Labour Day, Portuguese: Dia do Trabalhador, Traditional: 勞動節, Simplified: 劳动节

Labour Day is one of the biggest public holidays in Macau.

This is when the country expects some of its highest tourist arrivals, making it an important event for tourism and the economy.

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The holiday falls on May 1st each year, which follows the same calendar day as other countries. Also known as International Workers’ Day or May Day, the purpose of this special day is to celebrate workers of all kinds. Its roots are traced back to 1889 in France when May 1st was declared a Workers’ Day by an international federation of trade unions and socialist groups.

Labour Day is observed worldwide, and office workers are given a break in Macau. It’s a chance for all workers to remember the achievements of labourers worldwide, though many also use this opportunity to rest and relax.

Many activities are planned for tourists and locals around the country during this day. You can look forward to exclusive specials available at restaurants, malls, museums, bars, and various establishments all over Macau. Hotels tend to reach high occupancies on Labor Day, especially if it falls on a Friday or Monday, so booking your rooms ahead of time is always recommended.

In addition, there are several exciting things to look forward to on May 1st each year. Macao’s tourism organisations plan thrilling events that can change yearly. These may include fireworks shows, free walking tours, museum displays, and more.

Don’t forget to visit Macau’s heritage and history sites to support tourism and the local economy during this holiday. Some places with a flurry of activity during this day include Macau Tower, the Ruins of St. Paul’s, Macao Fisherman’s Wharf, Senado Square, Hac Sa Beach, and Coloane Island.

Labour Day is one of the best times of the year to visit Macau.

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