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Macao Arts Festival

English: Macao Arts Festival, Portuguese: Festival de Artes de Macau, Traditional: 澳門藝術節, Simplified: 澳门艺术节

The Macao Arts Festival is an exciting annual month-long event in Macau each May.

It was established in 1990 to make art more available to everyday life.

Macao Arts Festival, 2024 Dates, Programme, Brochure, Events

There are many art and culture-oriented events and activities to look forward to throughout the month. Both international and local groups will be performing, though there will also be special segments dedicated to bringing awareness of traditional Chinese arts.

The programme is always diverse, featuring traditional Chinese opera, modern dance, ballet, dramas, art exhibits, and showcases demonstrating the merging of East and West in Macau.

The Macao Arts Festival also engages in outreach programs, visual arts, and more. To keep up with modern times, they have begun integrating virtual reality technology into their activities, which helps broaden the public’s horizon regarding the arts.

Activities and shows occur in various locations around Macau, including the Macao Cultural Centre, Macao Contemporary Art Centre – Navy Yard No. 1, Hall of Iao Hon Activity Centre, The Parisian Theatre, The Venetian Theatre, Broadway Theatre, and several others.

Each year, the festival has a new theme that helps communicate a message. The theme is reflected in various ways throughout the program and activities. Given that there will be hundreds of performances from near and far for all ages to look forward to, this is undoubtedly an event that any art and culture enthusiast won’t want to miss while in Macau. The Cultural Affairs Bureau organises the festival. Booking tickets well in advance is highly recommended.

If you were to attend just one event in Macau, let it be the Macao Arts Festival!

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Where is the Macao Arts Festival located?
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Around The City, including: - Macao Cultural Centre - Sands Theatre - Black Box Theatre, Old Court Building - Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre - Macao Contemporary Art Center - Navy Yard No. 2 - Iao Hon Market Park - University Hall, University of Macau - Macao Museum of Art, Macau, Macau

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