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Macao Forum

English: Macao Forum, Portuguese: Forum de Macau, Traditional: 澳門綜藝館, Simplified: 澳門綜藝館

The Macao Forum is one of the country’s top local indoor multipurpose venues.

Located across the Macao Polytechnic University Multisport Pavilion, this venue is widely used for sports, recreational, and cultural events.

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The building houses two pavilions; the main pavilion has a competition area and can accommodate 4,000 people. Meanwhile, the second pavilion can fit 300 people with its theatre-style seating and a performance area ideal for spectator events. It has hosted numerous notable events, including the Macao Open Grand Prix Gold and the Macau Special Administrative Region, founded in 1999.

The Macao Forum has served the local community for decades. Although many other modern sporting and performance venues have popped up around town, it still hosts numerous competitions, including martial arts, volleyball, tennis, roller hockey, gymnastics, and more.

In addition, the forum is equipped with an exhibition room, which today houses the Commemorative Gallery of Macao Basic Law. Here, visitors can learn about local laws such as the One Country and Two Systems. Numerous displays and educational resources make it easy to learn about the law.

Meanwhile, the forum also houses a VIP room, which is 360 square meters large. It is equipped with sofa seats and air-conditioning where people can hold meetings.

From here, visitors can explore many tourist attractions. These include the Macao Art Garden, Comendador Ho Yin Garden, Macao Fisherman’s Wharf Convention and Exhibition Centre, Sands Macao, and many more.

This area has many sights to explore, so be sure to set aside at least a day to visit the forum and the nearby sights.

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