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MGM Theatre

English: MGM Theatre, Traditional: 美高梅劇院, Simplified: 美高梅剧院

The MGM Theater is a world-class entertainment venue in Macau.

Renowned for being the first dynamic theatre in Asia, this is a fantastic place to watch some of the latest concerts and performances while visiting the country.

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What makes it unique as a dynamic theatre is that the venue layout can be changed based on the show type. Because of this, audiences can be assured that no two shows will ever be alike; you will always have a unique multisensory experience.

It can accommodate 2,000 people comfortably, so whether you are watching a movie premier, concert, cultural performance, or theatrical show, all patrons will have adequate placements and cosy seats.

Additionally, the MGM Theater boasts a 28-million-pixel entertainment centre, and it houses the biggest indoor LED screen in the world. Just imagine the size of three tennis courts: this is how large the 10,000-square-foot screen is! After all, MGM Cotai has always operated to be the world’s most innovative resort, so they have invested seriously into all their amenities – especially when it comes to entertainment. Only the latest engineering and technology were utilised to create a grand-scale experience.

This theatre has contributed to the property’s status as the country’s premier tourist and leisure destination. There is simply no other venue in the country that can come close to its fantastic details. Sceno Plus designed it, while the McLaren Engineering Group created the state-of-the-art video wall. Other famous global firms were also involved in creating what is now one of the focal points and highlights of the MGM Cotai.

What is the MGM Theatre address?
MGM Cotai,
Avenida da Nave Desportiva, Cotai, Macau

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