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Where Is Macao

Where Is Macau

Travellers planning a trip to Asia may be wondering where Macau is located.

This country, a territory of China and a former colony of Portugal, is located on the southern coast of China and west of Hong Kong.

Where Is Macau Located in China/Asia, Country, On A World Map

The South China Sea surrounds Macau on its east and south, while Zhuhai surrounds it to the north and west. Previously, three regions divided Macau: two islands and the Macau peninsula. However, from 1989 to 1995, a major reclamation project resulted in a new area called Cotai. This new area is now home to the biggest concentration of world-class casinos and five-star hotels.

When exploring where Macau is, there are now four main districts to learn about that will help you plan your itinerary. These are Taipa, Coloane, Cotai, and the Macau Peninsula. They each have their own unique characteristics; for example, the Macau Peninsula is known for being the most crowded area and one that’s closest in terms of proximity to mainland China. It features several heritage buildings, stunning architecture, and loads of casinos. The peninsula is also a hub for tourist activity and local life.

Taipa, an island located south of the Macau peninsula, is a residential area and home to the Macau International Airport. Still, it is one of the top destinations in the country because of its many colonial buildings, nature, and historical charm.

Meanwhile, the world-famous Cotai Strip has become known as the Las Vegas of the East, as it has a vast array of luxury casinos and hotels.

Last but not least, Coloane on the south has retained its bucolic charm as it has been spared the massive development that other parts of Macau have succumbed to. There are several beaches, mountains, and hiking trails to discover in Coloane.

Check out these areas when planning an itinerary around Macau.

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