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Calcada do Carmo

English: Calcada do Carmo, Portuguese: Calçada do Carmo, Traditional: 嘉模斜巷, Simplified: 嘉模斜巷

The Calcada do Carmo is a picturesque alleyway in the old Taipa area of Macau.

It often catches the eye of photographers for its unique beauty, making you feel like you’re far away from the glitz of the casinos and entertainment centres.

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It only takes a few minutes to appreciate the beauty found here, with the elegant stairs leading you to the Largo do Carmo. Spend some time here, then check out the Taipa Library; afterwards, you can walk over to the Our Lady of Carmel Church, built back in 1885 atop a hill with sea views. You can also view other attractions from here, including the Carmel Garden.

The Calcada do Carmo is one of several attractions in the Taipa old village. This charming area is the perfect destination for a lazy afternoon stroll, where you will discover many stunning gems from the old times. Bring an appetite to savour the delights at the Macanese bakeries and browse through the souvenir shops around town. Foodies will love spending lots of time at the Rua da Cunha, a long alley famous for its fantastic dining and shops. This is recognised as among the best culinary destinations in the country if you are after authentic food.

The Taipa House Museum is highly recommended for visitors here. Its incredible architecture is a great example of Portuguese influence, much of which you can see around the rest of Taipa. Inside, several artefacts and displays depict life from the colonial era.

Meanwhile, the Pak Pai Temple dates back to 1844; it’s so popular among worshippers that it has its own pavilion specifically where they can pray to Pak Tai or the god of the sea.

These and many more await you when you explore the surroundings of Calcada do Carmo.

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